Catch and release fishing experience 

Welcome to L & J Fish Pond, where rustic charm meets natural beauty. Nestled amidst serene landscapes, our cozy cabin rentals offer the perfect getaway for those seeking a tranquil retreat and fishing.

New to our offerings is our pristine half-acre fishing pond, where guests can immerse themselves in the joys of catch-and-release fishing. Whether you're an avid angler or simply seeking a peaceful day by the water, our pond provides an idyllic setting for unforgettable fishing experiences.

At L & J Ranch, we believe in creating lasting memories amidst nature's embrace. From cozy cabin retreats to leisurely afternoons spent casting lines, our goal is to provide you with an escape from the ordinary.

Book your stay today and discover the magic of cabin living coupled with the tranquility of pond fishing at L & J Ranch. 

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((** Important Information**)) 

This is a catch and release pond ONLY 

No swimming in the water 

All Children must be accompanied by an adult 

Rate: $10 per person for 90 min per session