L & J Ranch Rules, Terms and Policies

1. I certify that I am over 21 years of age and responsible for any occupants staying in the cabin(s).

2. I understand and agree that the use of the cabin(s) under this rental agreement is undertaken by me solely at my own risk, and that L&J Ranch shall not be held liable for any claims, demands, actions, or causes for action, for injuries, to me or anyone else, or damage to property arising out of, or connected with this agreement or the use of the cabin(s). I further agree to expressly release and discharge L&J Ranch from all such claims, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action, and from all acts of active or passive negligence on the part of L&J Ranch, its servants, agents, or employees.

3. I will make sure that the cabin(s) is in good condition upon departure. This includes all garbage that is in or around the cabin(s).

4. I will inspect the cabin(s) and its condition upon arrival and agree that it is in good condition.

5. I am aware that no open flames are allowed in the cabin(s) or on the porch of the cabin(s). This includes candles, incense, grills, or other fame creating objects.

6. I understand that the burning of wood, kerosene, white gas, natural gas or the use of fuel or gas powered appliances or devices is prohibited in the cabin(s), porch.

7. Open flames can only be done in designated areas, such as grills or fire pit.

8. I am aware that there is NO smoking in the cabin(s), on the porch of the cabin(s) or around the cabin(s).

9. I am aware that pets are not allowed on the property or in the cabin(s).

10. I agree that I am responsible for any damage that the L&J Ranch staff may find while inspecting the cabin(s) after my stay.

11. Supervise children at all times while on the property.

12. No adults are children are allowed to swim in the pond. There are no lifeguards on duty.

13. For safety, all children need to be accompanied by an adult when near or around the pond.

14. No floating devices, boats, or rafts are allowed in pond.

15. Fishing is allowed as a fun sport.

16. We expect for all guest to behave in an appropriate manner while on the property.

17. Quiet hours are times during the day (generally the night and morning, which is 10 PM to 5 AM) when excessive noise is discouraged.